Malika Hamdaoui


tafel van zina & hostess at de vlugt
Core Group
Every Tuesday morning Malika Hamdaoui welcomes women from the local area to the Zina Atelier in De Vlugt artists’ studio complex for coffee, tea and a listening ear. She creates a warm atmosphere and a safe meeting place. Together with Fatima and Ferdousi she holds the spoon that stirs the pot at Tafel van Zina.
Malika set up the Moederkind Centrum (Mother-Child Centre), and worked there for seven years. Her goal is to help women raise their self-confidence and awareness of their surroundings, because it’s crucial for living together.
She met Zina in the Bos en Lommer district of Amsterdam in 2007. She shared her talents and stories from her life at various workshops and performances before ultimately joining the permanent team and running the studio at De Vlugt. She brought audiences into her own home as part of WijkSafari Slotermeer when she adopted Myriam and made a scene for the play together with her.
Malika is married and has two sons and one daughter.
In 2013 she became a grandmother for the first time. 

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Hand on the wooden spoon at Tafel van Zina | Photo: Bart Majoor As an adoption mother in WijkSafari Slotermeer, she introduced the ritual welcome Rhoussoul | Photo: Cigdem Yuksel Malika in the Zina studio at De Vlugt, Amsterdam Nieuw West