Elly Ludenhoff


actor & producer
Core Group
I met Adelheid Roosen in 2003 at the political and cultural centre De Balie, in the heart of Amsterdam, where I was working as a theatre producer. At the time Adelheid was in the research and writing phase of what was to become her famous play 'Gesluierde Monologen' (Veiled Monologues). Especially for International Women’s Day, the two of us plus Nazmiye Oral and Myriam Sahraoui transformed De Balie into a women’s mosque where women from all walks of life and many different backgrounds could meet and baptise Gesluierde Monologen. 
On that eighth of March, the hall was buzzing with energy and lots of exciting encounters. Many stories were exchanged, from many different lives. We gobbled them up and then we were hungry for more. We went into local communities to share our stories with other women. That was the beginning of Zina, a coach-and-four in which, after many ups and downs, I found my place. We learned to learn from each other. 
My life, my work and my self have changed through the interweaving of the different voices that come together in Zina, that sometimes clash but ultimately always strengthen the others. After all the many wanderings and detours of my life, I now have work that I would recommend to anyone for its freedom, sense of solidarity and personal development. Still now, after ten Zina years, every Zina day is of vital importance to me: remarkable and rich in meaning.

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