Nazmiye Oral


actor, researcher, project leader for geweld verhalen karavaan

Core Group
Nazmiye Oral’s parents brought her as a seedling from a far-off land. They re-planted her in Dutch earth where she budded and grew to become something ‘new’. She sees herself as the first generation of a mutant species. Her DNA is built from two cultures as different from one another as day and night, and sometimes irreconcilable in everyday reality. 
Nazmiye is a professional writer and she was present at the birth of Zina. A former columnist for the Volkskrant newspaper she is also the author of plays for Nationale Toneel. She greatly enjoyed acting in Gesluierde Monologen (Veiled Monologues). In 2011 she wrote her first novel, entitled Zehra, and she is currently working on her second. Her heart goes out to humanity and its attempts to live life to the full.

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On the back of the scooter in front of the house of her adoption parent. Photo: Cigdem Yuksel Nazmiye at #MOES Nazmiye gives Violence Stories Caravan workshops