Titus Muizelaar


artistic advisor & dramaturge
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After attending Maastricht drama school, Titus Muizelaar started off at with Globe theatre company in 1971. His love for the fine arts led to a working relationship lasting many years with video artist Raul Marroquin that resulted in performances in Amsterdam, New York, Toronto, Warsaw and elsewhere. He was a contributor to Fandangos magazine and made video art at Videoheads in Amsterdam under the direction of Jack Moore.
Frans Strijards persuaded him to return to the stage for Comedie by Projekttheater theatre company in 1979. While he worked at Projekttheater he got to know Jan Joris Lamers with whom we went off to join Onafhankelijk Toneel. They then started Maatschappij Discordia theatre company in 1981 together with Matthias de Koning and Marc Warning, 
After several years at Maatschappij Discordia with various excursions to Art&Pro ('Oidipous'), Het Publiekstheater ('Hamlet'), De Salon ('MacBeth') and Toneelschuurprodukties ('Silicone', 'Pick Up' and 'Tulpenvulpen') he joined the permanent team at Toneelgroep Amsterdam as a director and actor. Initially he was a member of the artistic staff; from 1994 onwards he was the companyt’s co-artistic director alongside Gerardjan Rijnders.
Selected work as a director: 'Wanneer wij doden ontwaken' (Henrik Ibsen), 'Cocktail' (T.S.Elliot/Gerardjan Rijnders), 'Ashes To Ashes' (Harold Pinter), 'Zonder Titel' (Wim T. Schippers), 'Belgian Landscapes' (Tom Lanoye), 'Licht Ongemakkelijk' and 'Strindberg'. Selected work as an actor: 'Ballet', 'Timon van Athene', 'Sweeny', and 'Liefhebber'.
With the arrival of Ivo van Hove at Toneelgroep Amsterdam Titus became the company’s chef de tableau as well as acting in 'Massacre in Paris', 'De Koopman van Venetië', and other plays. He spent 2004 at Het Toneelhuis. Collaborators include Luc Perceval on 'De dood van een Handelsreiziger' and Josse de Pauw on 'Beats'.

From 2007 onwards, Titus works freelance at Olbe ('Liefde Is Kouder Dan De Dood' and the musical 'Route 66'), Hummelinck Stuurman ('Wuivend Graan' and 'Het Laatste Nippertje'), 'The Glasshouse' (o.a.Eclips), 'Het Zuidelijk Toneel', 'Artemis', atist Aernout Mik and some other initiatives.

Within Zina and Female Economy he works as artistic advisor. 

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