Melih Gencboyaci


artistic team & performer
Core Group
Melih Gencboyaci has been working since 2008 as a choreographer, theatre maker and performer both inside and outside the Netherlands. His works for the stage include 'Olmak' and 'Lost & Found' at Frascati theatre in Amsterdam, 'Sag mir wo die Blumen sind. at De Parade travelling theatre festival and 'Playground 52˚ 19’ 18’’ N 4˚ 49’ 31’’ E' in the Amsterdam Wood (Amsterdamse Bos). 
Melih’s solo piece 'Access to Anxiety' has been performed at festivals including Nottdance in England and arAda in Turkey. During the German-language TheaterTreffen theatre festival in Berlin, he worked together with Maricel Alvarez and Emillio Garci Wehbi as a performer and maker. 
He is a co-founder and director at Collektief Schwalbe. In the 2013 to 2014 season, this company produced its fourth play 'Schwalbe zoekt massa'. Melih is currently setting up a project for young theatre makers as part of the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.

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Melih lets the core group of De Oversteek be themselves on stage With his adoptionfather, he finds his color in WijkSafari Utrecht Hug at WijkSafari Slotermeer, his first Zina project in 2012