Myriam Sahraoui


project leader ik ontmoet mij, researcher, actor
Core Group
This daughter of a Moroccan father and Dutch mother was born and raised in Morocco. She has always stood at the crossroads of two worlds, and combining them has always been an important thread running through her life; it is by turns the source and inspiration for all her work.
After reading European Studies at Amsterdam University, Myriam worked at the European commission in Brussels and for Dutch public broadcaster Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (NOS). While working as a television documentary researcher she discovered the power of the narrative and the authentic encounter.
Her desire to give voice to her dual background found expression in '5 op je Ogen', a play she performed with four other Moroccan-Dutch actresses directed by Adelheid Roosen.
Myriam Sahraoui is one of the four founders Zina, alongside Elly Ludenhoff, Nazmiye Oral and Adelheid Roosen. She is a director, actor and researcher, and also runs Zina’s studio at De Vlugt in Slotermeer, Amsterdam, where activities are developed for the local community. It is also home to Zina's cooking project Tafel van Zina. She developed the IK ontmoet MIJ training programme with Jale Simsek and leads these sessions of emotional bodywork for women wanting to work on themselves and get healthier, happier and more full of life.
Myriam is also active in the documentary world as a director and researcher. At public service broadcaster NTR she shares responsibility for the Prix Europa IRIS, the European award for the best intercultural documentary. 

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Myriam leads the workshop I meet Me In WijkSafari Slotermeer she and her adoption parent tell about their mothers At #MOES in Leiden | Photo: Bowie Verschuren