Geweld Verhalen Karavaan

Violence Stories Caravan

Eleven telephone boxes that provide a safe and secluded environment in which anyone who is interested can listen to authentic portraits of domestic violence. The installation travels to community centres, conferences, schools, women’s refuges, exhibitions and hospitals.
Working with women’s refuge organisation Toevluchtsoord, Zina and AdelheidIFemale Economy interviewed men and women in violent situations, women’s refuges and compulsory psychiatric detention (TBS clinics). They then adapted these interviews into monologues that the interviewees recorded in a studio.
These monologues are the foundation of the Geweld Verhalen Karavaan, an audio and video installation comprising eleven authentic portraits of domestic violence. Each consists of a single monologue by the victim or perpetrator, accompanied by three short clips from sons, daughters, neighbours, community officers or social workers giving their perspective on what took place.
The installation consists of eleven telephone boxes that provide a safe and secluded environment in which anyone who is interested can listen to these people’s stories and watch the accompanying film. The stories travel to community centres, conferences, schools, women’s refuges, exhibitions and hospitals. Some of the people telling their stories join the installation for certain showings on the tour.
Our caravan examines the effects of violence and demonstrates to bystanders just how crucial their help is. We also use the stories to train local people as confidants and counselors in cases of domestic violence and child abuse. An informal confidant can be an essential link between the domestic situation before it escalates and the official organisations that ultimately deal with the post-escalation situation.

Nazmiye Oral has embraced this school in West Amsterdam, with all her love and understanding. The Geweld Verhalen Karavaan (Violence Stories Caravan) will play a big role in preparing the pupils for the world. They will play and grow in Zina’s studio in De Vlugt and at our performances in the city. 
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Zina uses the Geweld Verhalen Karavaan as the starting point for training highly motivated local people willing to act as confidential advisers and assertiveness trainers to their grassroots base in their home area. The goal of the course is to combat all forms of violence and child maltreatment from the inside out by helping each other to navigate available opportunities, strengthening groups, examining norms and values, and building up assertiveness and trust to break the silence and create strength through unity. At the end of the course the trainees receive a certificate that permits them to give their own assertiveness training courses.
Pupils from Het Plein practical vocational school go to Zina Atelier every Tuesday for Nazmiye’s assertiveness workshop. Zina has adopted these students and their school.
The caravan travels to all sorts of gatherings held at community centres, schools and other organisations. The stories are presented in an intimate setting and the meetings conclude with workshops and discussions.
Zina’s uses its study material and ‘train the trainer’ approach to pass on to participants and counsellors its methodology for examining the subject of violence.
If you want to focus on violence, emancipation or another social issue you can book a specially tailored workshop either as a complete programme or a component of it. How about doing it during the Week Tegen Geweld (Anti-Violence Week) or on International Women’s Day?
You can choose to show all eleven portraits or to make a selection that matches the aims and target group of your meeting or lesson.
The site-specific play Zina neemt de Wijk (Zina Takes the Neighbourhood) was performed in 2010. It was the outcome of three months of story collecting throughout neighbourhoods of Groningen. In this period Zina was adopted by the women at the Toevluchtsoord refuge.
Now we’ve met the men, pampered them at the Beauty Verhalen Salon, listened to their stories and asked for their experiences of domestic violence.
Our approach is rooted in the fact that violence is often tied up with the nature of people’s relationships, and that in this context there is no classic perpetrator or victim. We attempted to find out what prompts violence, how problems escalate, what role each partner plays, and how both partners can break that role.
The interviewees felt they had been truly listened to, and they were pleased that their suffering could perhaps help others. The idea that there is wisdom to be gained through the misery they suffered enabled some of them to look at themselves in a new way.
What is the role of family and neighbours? What can they do to stop problems escalating? Is violence a private matter to be dealt with between the two people involved, or should other people intervene? Bystanders and onlookers answered these questions. This process removed the stigma this kind of problem supposedly only being suffered by ‘pathetic’ people, because it occurs in all layers of society.
“I want to break the taboo about domestic violence and I advise people affected by it to seek out help.”
 ‘Nieuw-West, Thuis Best’ (New West: There’s No Place like Home) is a campaign against domestic violence and child abuse whose main aim is to increase awareness. Borough councillor Jesse Bos from Health and Social Services explains that, “We can’t accept domestic violence being a norm, and everyone needs to be aware of that. Local people should stand up for themselves and for others.”
‘It is possible [to discuss] domestic violence at a festival,” explains Nazmiye Oral. “I think people go through major things in their lives. I believe in the long haul and silent after effects, and the stories live on in you and that you incorporate them in your life. […] This sort of phone message stays with you – with anyone with an ear to listen.”
Interviews and Workshops Namiye Oral, Kris van der Veen
Assistant project manager Laureen Klok
Monologues Nazmiye Oral
Design concept Mo Reda
Camera and editing Bart Majoor
Technical execution Arne Boon
Artistic director Adelheid Roosen
The women’s refuges operated by the Federatie Opvang (Shelter Federation) appointed Adelheid Roosen as their first Ambassador Against Domestic Violence from November 2010 to September 2011. She kicked off the campaign ‘Maak samen een vuist tegen huiselijk geweld’ (A united fist against domestic violence).
Adelheid describes domestic violence as, “A drama that goes way above my theatrical head. There are other ways of touching people.”
20 Jan 2014 Workshop for students at Koning Willem I College, Den Bosch
29 Nov 2013 Presentatie nieuwe trainers, De Honingraat, Amsterdam
28 Nov 2013 Accompanying screening of ‘Bahar’ at Morgen community centre, Amsterdam

28 Nov 2013 Personal workshop for local councillor Van Gerwig van De Marne
25 Nov 2013 Week Against Violence at Vrouw & Vaart development centre, Amsterdam

Oct 2013 onwards Train the Trainer, Amsterdam

Oct 2013 onwards Workshop for the girls at Het Plein school, Amsterdam

24 Sep 2013 Workshop at De Steeg production house, Groningen

12 Sep 2013 Workshop at welfare organisation Stichting Welzijn & Dienstverlening, Delfzijl

Sep to Dec 2013 Jasmijn community centre, Groningen
Sep 2013 onwards Zina adopts practical vocational Het Plein, Amsterdam
01 Jul 2013 Meldcode Huiselijk Geweld (Alarm Code: Domestic Violence) conference, Groningen
20 Jun 2013 Campaign against the mistreatment of the elderly, Winschoten

27 May 2013 Workshop at Hanze high school, Groningen

13 May 2013 Workshop at Jasmijn community centre, Groningen

16 Apr 2013 Noorderpoort College, Groningen

26 Mar 2013 Het Kopland re-opening programme, Groningen
14 Mar 2013 Workshop for healthcare and welfare professionals, Groningen
08 Mar 2013 International Women’s Day, Groningen library
05 Mar 2013 Domestic Violence Foundation, Groningen
14 Feb 2013 One Billion Rising at Panama, Amsterdam
12 & 14 Feb 2013 GGZ Lentis open day, Winschoten
30 Nov 2012 Matrixx, Amsterdam
30 Nov 2012 Multibox, Amsterdam
29 Nov 2012 De Buurtzaak neighbourhood centre (Huis van de Wijk), Amsterdam
29 Nov 2012 Tramwerkplaats theatre, Winschoten
28 Nov 2012 Calvijn met Juneor College, Amsterdam
28 Nov 2012 Het Plein practical vocational school, Amsterdam
26 Nov 2012 De Aker Congress Centre, Amsterdam
10 to 13 Sep 2012 Social Studies students at Leiden University of Applied Sciences
29 Jun 2012 Healthcare and welfare students at Noorderpoort College, Groningen
28 Jun 2012 Meeting for deprived neighbourhoods, Groningen
27 to 29 Jun 2012 Colleague conference for hospital doctors, Texel
21 Jun 2012 Organisational meeting for Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld (Domestic Violence Support Centre) 
13 Jun 2012 Inspirational afternoon for young mothers, Delfzijl
06 to 08 Jun 2012 Colleague conference for hospital doctors, Texel
05 May 2012 Liberation Day Festival, Groningen
26 Apr 2012 Informative meeting for psychology students
20 Apr 2012 Achterstands Ondersteunings Fonds (Fund for the Support of the Underpriveliged) presentation for family doctors
12 Mar 2012 Workshop for the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), University Medical Centre student association
24 Jan 2012 Meldcode Huiselijk Geweld (Reporting Domestic Violence) conference at De Meervaart, Amsterdam
17 Dec 2011 Neighbourhood Market at De Vlugt cultural centre, Amsterdam
01 Dec 2011 Meldcode Huiselijk Geweld (Alarm Code: Domestic Violence) conference at De Meervaart, Amsterdam
Dec 2011 Groningen library
30 Nov 2011 Police congress, Ede
28 Nov 2011 Women Inc. at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
16 to 27 Nov 2011 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
25 Aug 2011 Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen (premiere)
24 to 28 Aug 2011 Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen

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