7 june to 1 july 2017
Why not see a whole neighbourhood as an immense conceptual classroom. Why not use public space with all its magical inhabitants as the basis of a performance and the UrbanSafari as study material. This is why the academy of theatre and dance and adelheid|zina joined hands.
academy of theatre and dance students
different courses: directing, mime, production & stage management, theatre in education and drama & contemporary music theatre (atka) take the helm of a new UrbanSafari with
adoptive parents, create scenes in

10 homes and connect themselves with a human landscape 80 people strong, made up of residents, local organisations, community centres, hidden treasures and places of worship

WijkSafari Graduates (WijkSafari maakt School)
32 Theatre students, Academy of Theatre and Dance

Adelheid & Zina

‘Mrs. van ingen is without doubt the most valuable stranger I have ever met.’ -Kevin

Kevin en Mevr van Ingen

UrbanSafari Graduates (WijkSafari maakt School) is a unique four-hour journey where theatre and reality seduce one another. Adoption parents and students welcome you in their lives from 7 june – 1 july.

Jan Zoet
Director Academy of Theatre and Dance
“Doing the UrbanSafari with students from different courses is not just a life-changing adventure, but is also about sharing and learning a method of theatre, which adelheid roosen has developed with her team and which is unique in the world. It is a new way of literally being in the world as an artist and of entirely breaking down the barriers between spectator, resident and professional theatre maker”  

Adelheid Roosen
Teacher at the Academy for 30 years
“It is a prodigious exercise, so hats off to all the 32 students who took on this adventure, because the UrbanSafari is learning to open yourself to the medea of today. She doesn’t only exist in the repertoire or on the shelves of the theatre library. She also takes the ferry to amsterdam north. But we don’t recognise her. My deepest wish is that the students will start recognising the great roles in everyday life. You don’t have to analyse medea in north, she’s sitting in front of you, you can ask her yourself. Enjoy the generation of the future’s artistic authentic spirit and experience it from their perspective!” 

mrs. van ingen and kevin
mrs. van ingen is without doubt the most valuable stranger i have ever met. with a 19 year-old’s energy for life, this 91 year-old gazes out at life through the window with miraculous contentment. i, kevin – the introverted and always amicable surinamer, let myself be lead by my curiosity towards her, and everyday we look for challenges 

samira & zoë
from my mother’s lap in central amsterdam, i nestle myself in the caring arms of samira from amsterdam north. so beautiful that we –as strangers- immediately called each other mother and daughter. we dig deep into personal family relationships. can you embrace someone you love too intensely? is caring altruistic or do you actually want control?

sherida & judith
at sherida’s I stumble into a world where ‘too honest’, ‘too happy’ or ‘too much’ don’t exist. generosity is a matter of course here. the child in me flies and I forget why you would ever keep quiet when so much can be said.

Sherida en Judith

aziza & camila
i saw our differences at first sight. different countries, languages, ages and lifestyle. once the mask of politeness was off, i looked again and saw our similarities. two powerful women, dreamy, creative, loving and vulnerable. life hasn’t always been sunny for us, but with the fire within us we accepted both the beauty of the moonlight and its dark side. happiness is a way of life, not our destination

abier & janna
she sits at the head of the table like an egyptian queen, adorned in golden necklaces and wrapped in gorgeous fabrics. everyone looks at her, as do i. at home on her couch, our colours and smells mingle and it seems as if we belong here together. the couch, the fabrics, abier and me   

Abier en Janna
martijn & the other
he was born in the airplane on the way to the netherlands, i was raised under the smoke of Rotterdam. we meet in the banne –a neighbourhood where neither of us is at home. we are a perfect fit and amble with devotion to our future dreams.

simon & anne
-born and bred in jordaan, now a northerner- is standing in front of me. hands in his pockets, an inquiring look

he asks: who makes the decisions in your life?

I think: erm

he: no, say it immediately

me: yes, me…I think

he: yes or no. are you in charge of your own life?

me: ok. yes.

he: listen, you are the only one who can make the choices in your own life. get it?
and just like that he reveals, in our first meeting, his -and now also my- motto for life        

mario & rens

the city is awakening. it is 7 o’clock. the sun is rising. mario is in a van, crisscrossing amsterdam, music pouring out of his radio. he has a big heart. he loves Hazes, i love michael jackson. and yet my heart pounds with his, for the beat of his music gives my life rhythm too. i sit next to him. for a short while, in that courier van, our hearts beat as one. 

stien & saskia & rick

once there were 3 people bound together by chance. two lively women, neighbours stein & saskia from floradorp, and me. totally overwhelmed by the conversation and the magical click between us, i fell into bed on my first adoption night with pain in my jaw from the laughter and the tears. ode to the power of prevailing friendship!

serginho & remon & jente

our meeting was fleeting and ever changing. in the middle of their lives. i followed and tried to listen. that didn’t always work. my fear of not being important enough grew. now we race through the neighbourhood on mopeds. i lead, they lead

ronald & elliot
as soon as you step inside ronald’s house you see an impressive display of macho tools and a collection of old swords on the wall. at the same time, buddha stares at you impassively, spirituality streaming towards you from every nook and cranny. together we reawaken the child in us, whilst at the same time investigating what it means to be a man


  nicolle & charlene
nicolle, more full of beans than anyone in floradorp, has a big mouth and a heart of gold. my adoption mother. i discover that my colour is still seen as something foreign there. and being totally open to her was harder than I thought


WijkSafari Graduates
(WijkSafari maakt School)
32 Theatre students, Academy of Theatre and Dance

Adelheid & Zina

try-outs: 7 June – 10 June
performances: 14 June – 1 July Wednesday - Saturday
12.45pm - 5pm
tickets via tolhuistuin.nl

Ronald en Elliot 1

Ronald en Elliot 2

Kevin 1

Stien Saskia Rick 1

Stien Saskia Rick 2

Judith en Sherida

Judith en Sherida 2

Janna en Abier 1

Janna en Abier 2

Charlene en Nicolle

Charlene en Nicolle 2

Anna en Simon

Anna en Simon 2

Credits: Marques Malacia, Ellenoor Bakker, Cigdem Yuksel
WijkSafari Graduates (WijkSafari maakt School) is a collaboration between The Academy of Theatre and Dance and Adelheid|Zina , inspired by the UrbanSafari of Adelheid Roosen.
7 june - 1 july 17 | Noord

17 may - 3 june 16 | Bijlmer

19 august - 2 oktober

11 may - 26 june 15 I Bijlmer

19 february - 29 march I Tepito

13 march - 27 april I Tepito

12 june - 17 july 13 I Zuilen, Ondiep & Overvecht

02 may - 09 june 12 I Slotermeer
14 - 19 november 11 I Slotermeer

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