Ik Ontmoet Mij -workshop
Body-oriented workshop 'Ik Ontmoet Mij'

Body focused training Ik Ontmoet Mij for (migrant)women*.
Women are taught in ten lessons to take responsibility of themselves, their body and mental health.

Body focused training Ik Ontmoet Mij for (migrant)women*.
In ten lessons women are taught to take responsibility of themselves, their body and mental health. The lessons are composed of movement, speech, and writing exercises derived from bio-energetics, knowledge of personal family buildup, and emotion based body work. In ten sessions, which include lunch, we are lokking at self caring and self loving, emotional expressions, breaking patterns of the past, the position of the individual in the community and the man-woman relationship.

*The aim is a collective migrant culture but the training is open to all women regardless of cultural background.

In cooperation with the GGD Amsterdam the Ik Ontmoet Mij workshop was submitted to the Loket Gezond Leven (RIVM) (The centre for healthy living) for certification as an adequate care intervention. Funded in part by the City district Nieuw-West of the municipality of Amsterdam, adelheid|zinaplatform is committed to the gaining awareness and individualisation process of women from collective migrant cultures. These women are crucial figures in their community. Especially for them, Zina developed this empowerment method.

A workshop to live stronger, healthier, vital and happy.

In de Vlugt
every mondag (except for schoolholidays)
10.00 till 12.00 uur
Trainers: Hayal Bayazit, Malika Hamdaoui
very thursday (except for schoolholidays)
10.00 till 12.00
Trainers: Myriam Sahraoui, Malika Hamdaoui
In Vrouw en Vaart (Osdorp)
every thursday (except for schoolholidays)
10.00 till 12.00 uur
Trainers: Hakima Lajlufi, Najima Issmaili
bookings, referrals & contact: Myriam Sahraoui | 020 776 1688 | myriam.sahraoui@zinaplatform.nl

Every woman who enters our emancipation centre, should start with a training of Ik Ontmoet Mij. It is a fantastic step forward. -Joke | manager Vrouw en Vaart

The results of Ik Ontmoet Mij include:

increased awareness of the body with respect to the experience of pain and a better grasp of the tools we can use to deal with them

Higher awareness of the need of self care and personal growth and ways to approach this

A decrease or complete disappearance of issues ranging from physical body issues to depression, sleeping problems, feeling of loneliness

Lesser use of medication (painkillers, antidepressants, sleeping medication etc.)

Gaining control over their own lives

**The results are based on an extensive evaluation of Ik Ontmoet Mij under supervision of the GGD Amsterdam and city district Nieuw-West of the municipality of Amsterdam.


Initiators Myriam Sahraoui (Zina Platform) and Jale Simsek (body focused psychotherapist) developed the process behind Ik Ontmoet Mij. Both have a migrant background and could delve into their own experiences of the socialisation process in Dutch society to built this methodology. Many problems migrant women experience in their emancipation process originate from the friction of living in two worlds: a collective migrant culture and an individually based Dutch culture. Tensions manifest themselves in bodily and mental issues and recurrent long term sickness. A fundamental tenet of Myriam and Jale is always to put everyone in touch with her or his own power, because every human has a force but may stray at the same time.

In the last few years women from the neighborhood have participated in the development of Ik Ontmoet Mij. Meanwhile, ten women have been trained to be Ik Ontmoet Mij teachers.

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