about zina

It starts with a ring at the door...

Zina is a theatre company of artists from different
cultures and different disciplines.

Her repertoire consists of stories from the lives of
local people. Her stage is the streets where they live.

About Zina


The Zinas settle for several months at a time in their chosen neighbourhood. All of them (everyone from trainee to busine
ss director) get on their bikes and go round to local residents, ringing their doorbells to ask if they are willing to adopt a Zina.

The Zinas sleep at their hosts’ homes for several weeks, and eat food prepared by other hands. This new family situation is the framework for the Zinas work together with their adoptive parents, transforming stories from their lives into a play.

The audience comes to visit them in these opened-up neighbourhoods, where an heightened reality lifts them across reality’s limits. The result is a moving, optimistic and very tangible human encounter among the splendour of everyday life.

Zina breaks theatrical and social conventions to affect the Spectator: contact is made; intimacy is requested; and shame is experienced when lazy assumptions come into play. And relief brings happiness.


They can never again not see each other. This kind of seeing brings about permanent change, both in the one who sees and the one who is seen. With this gaze, from this perspective, you see the beauty of the stranger.

Zina is committed to this inner motion, and in kind confrontation she is therefore prepared to step over obstacles in the Other and in herself. Time and again this first step towards the Other is the source of inspiration, the beginning of our theatre projects.

Zina is an initiative of Adelheid Roosen, Myriam Sahraoui, Nazmiye Oral and Elly Ludenhoff. 
WijkSafari Utrecht | Photo: Harry Brieffies Zina neemt de Wijk | Photo: Bart Majoor Myriam with the mobile Beauty Stories Salon Nazmiye and Fatma in WijkSafari Utrecht | Photo: Cigdem Yuksel Myriam and Amina in WijkSafari Utrecht | Photo: Cigdem Yuksel WijkSafari Slotermeer WijkSafari Utrecht | Photo: Cigdem Yuksel